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Thursday, March 19, 2009

We Are GO!!!

It is done, we have our blog! Hurray! Actually, we’ve been planning to start this blog for several months now but things have been busy at Science Centre lately for me and my fellow “Scobbers”. I must especially thank SK (aka Ruijie) who came up with the original idea and got it going.

This is the first time I’m writing a blog....can you tell? How am I doing so far?
Over the last 24 hours I’ve found myself thinking alot about the blog, thoughts like: What shall we write? Will it be good? Who are we writing to? Ourselves?? Each other? ??Our visitors????? How about everyone? Should I record the time spent blogging in my work record form? How long have I been writing now? Why so many questions? What am I talking about? How do I stop? What’s for dinner?

Ok I better stop here before I go totally off track, according to some of the scobbers, I have a tendency to be quite longwinded in my explanations. Can you tell? How am I doing now? Maybe it has something to do with being English? My Singaporean family and friends often tell me that when in the UK and asking for directions, people gave the longest possible answers, for example “Which way to the train station?” Answer: “What you have to do is go down the High Street across the mini-roundabout, past the zebra-crossing next to the newsagents and then onto the post office, turn right onto Penny Lane, cross-over the road and a little further down is the station.” Of course what you just want to know is “ go straight to the post office and turn right”. Now, I’ve never experienced this personally, its just what people tell me. I’m sure not all English people are like that, even if they are, there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly conversation.

Oh dear, I got carried away again. Back to the main purpose of this blog, Astronomy! In fact, I believe that it was no mere coincidence that heavy work schedules and procrastination caused the launch of this blog to be delayed until March. Originally, we planned it for January to coinside with the start of the International Year of Astronomy. However, starting the blog in March is perfect timing as it is the 20-year anniversay of the main telescope at the Science Centre observatory.
Although the International Year of Astronomy (2009) is significant as the 400-year anniversary of Galileo‘s first demonstration of an astronomical telescope (in 1609), we can also celebrate the birthday of Science Centre’s first telescope which, up until recently was the largest in Singapore.

Happy Birthday “Big 16inch (40cm) Cassegrain Relfector”!!!!
Hmm.......we may need to give it a better name. Suggestions are welcome;-)

My first blog post is done.......How’d I do?

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