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Sunday, April 5, 2009


Just this Friday we looked at Saturn, then the moon!

The moon was at a beautiful first quarter. Some of the visitors took pictures (when there were less people in the dome), and Mr Albert Ho pointed out a very interesting part of the moon to me.

Do you see an almost straight line in the picture above? That is the Rupus Recta, also called the "Straight Wall".

During the first quarter of the moon, the Straight Wall casts a shadow on the moon's surface, which is what we see in the photo now. However in the last quarter, the Straight Wall will appear as a bright line!

It blows me away to find out this interesting fact. More interesting facts are bound to be discovered next Friday (Good Friday), when it is Full Moon.

Hope to see you all there, we love the MOOOOOOOOOOONNNNN!!

And let's all wish Huiting best of health as she is still recovering from the operation. Get well soon Huiting! We miss your sweet smile! :)

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