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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Recently at SCOB

Its been sometime since we posted any updates on this blog. Since the last post many changes and events have took place. In particular our dear friend and one of the original members of scobbers, SK (ruijie) moved on to other career opportunities. However, several new colleagues have joined the team and allowing scobbers to grow and expand. I have therefore finally got around to continuing what SK started and once again chronicle the events and happenings at SCOB, in addition to our other online updates (facebook, twitter etc.). To begin with let me share some photos of one of our most recent event, the ASPAC Science Centre Conference. Hosting this international event, took considerable planning and preparation. So much so that we closed the observatory for three weeks last month, as many of our scobbers were needed for other duties, in particular facilitating some of the sessions and providing the all important entertainment. The opening ceremony took alot of coordination and practice, mainly due to the number of people involved. This included a spectacular multicultural dance routine.
A musical sound and light show, mostly performed without speaking, which featured many new ideas and demos. Some of which didn't make it in to the final show. It was quite a challenge to incorporate all the different elements. Hopefully we will develop these ideas further to make new shows for visitors.
We also saw a number of other awesome sharing sessions and shows by presenters and educators from overseas science centres.
On one of the last evenings, there was a garden party, which extended from the kinetic garden to the observatory. Apart from opening the telescopes for delegates to view planets and such, many scobbers were busy facilitating the evenings entertainment and decorating the area. Working tirelessly throughout the afternoon blowing and tying balloons inside the observatory classroom.
Overall, the ASPAC conference was a great experience, sharing ideas and our passion for science education with many other from around the world and from far far away.

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