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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Good Morning!

Long time no blog, and I apologise >.< < >June school holidays brought us many many visitors and we are elated that there are so many people interested in Astronomy. Hope you guys come back soon! There are new and exciting things coming up in the Friday nights ahead, as you would be able to see on the "July Highlights" on your right that Andrew has updated. For those of you who want to see Mars, do check out "A Little Something For the Morning". For those of you who are excited about the upcoming Solar Eclipse, check out "Upcoming Events - Solar Eclipse". Thanks a lot Andrew!!!!!!!

While doing some research for our new space programmes, I came across this webbie by MSNBC. And I couldn't take my eyes off! The Month in Space showcases rare photographs related to Astronomy, and it archives 2 months back. So that's 60 eye candies to share with our beloved blog visitors. :D

Just a glimpse of what you'll see:

Go see it right now!
Meanwhile, what do you think of our blog? And which part of the Observatory did you enjoy the most? We certainly want to keep the Observatory a happy and warm place where the passion of Astronomy is shared. Do drop your comments or talk to us or share your knowledge with us via the tagboard on your right.

Thank you and have a good week ahead! See you on Friday :)

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