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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Star Map - July 2009 (Singapore)

Hi everyone, the Star Maps are back!!!

Here's a map for the night sky in July:

Just a quick word about our Star Maps.
Each Star Map shows the position of the brightest stars and planets visible each month.

As the sky is always in motion ( due to the Earth's 24hr rotation) the position of an object in the Star Map is only an approximation, specifically between the times 8pm and 10pm in the evening.
After 10pm and on towards midnight, all the objects in the sky would have shifted more towards the West, with new objects appearing in the East.

A copy of these Star Maps will be available at the Science Centre Observatory (SCOB) every Friday night during our stargazing session between 7:45pm and 10pm.

Of course these Star Maps only specific to this region of the Earth, close to the Equator. Moving further North or South away from the Equator will give you a slightly different of the sky, however, some of the constellation will be the same.

As such, our Star Maps are not only valid for Singapore but can also be used in parts of Malaysia and Indonesia as well as parts of Central Africa, Northern Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Columbia, in case you happen to live there or fancy going on holiday.

Happy Stargazing!!

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