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Monday, July 13, 2009

Photos from last last week!

Last Friday night was very cloudy. The stars and planets (Saturn/Jupiter) were blocked. The moon only rose high enough after 10pm. Many of us and many visitors were disappointed that they couldn't see much from the sky. But we had a new introductory video made by ANDREW the AWESOME, which was really funny to watch and very informative! It's not on youtube, it's not on this webbie, you gotta visit us to watch it ;)

It appears that the weather these few days is rather cloudy. Saturday night was also cloudy, so was Sunday night.

I miss those nights when stars glitter merrily and the moon gleams in a corner beautifully and not too brightly. That makes a perfect night to gaze at stars and clusters and planets and their moons, to find constellations (Scorpius, Libra, Saggitarius and Southern Cross for now), and to explore the moon surface.

Just last last Friday it wasn't so bad. Towards 8 the sky threatened to rain. We set up the telescopes but had to quickly pack them back just in case. But the clouds flew past and the sky cleared up, to reveal Saturn, Scorpius, and other beautiful objects in the sky. We couldn't get enough.

Here are some pictures.

The Moon

On the moon, The Bay of Rainbows

Alpha Centauri (Yellow double star, and nearest star to the earth apart from the sun)

The "observatory cat" comes to visit every Friday night and pounces on green laser spots for fun. :)

More pictures coming right up! See ya this Friday! :)

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